We knew. We knew what the Citizen’s United case would mean for American elections and American democracy and we said it. Now in the first election since that landmark Supreme Court decision millions and millions of unaccounted for money is being spent mostly by big multi-national corporations against Democratic candidates. Big Health Insurance Companies, Big Oil, Big Corporations who have profited from shipping jobs overseas are behind the shadowy advertisements flooding American airways in the run up to the November 2 mid term elections. The Karl Rove affiliated political party lookalike American Crossroads is among the leaders of the new political landscape. Where unlimited unaccounted for sums of money can be spent to buy elections. The majority in the Citizens United case were either foolish or ignorant or welcomed this fast descent of American democracy where Corporations choose who is elected not the American people. One only thought it would be an election cycle or two before this came to fruition.

Fox News a television network that seems to be dedicated to the destruction of the Obama presidency and Democratic policies often through outright lies, seems to coordinate with and provide a safe haven for far right extremist. Fox news along with the Koch brothers created the tea party. At times it appears they are running the play book obtained from the rich right wing elites of Venezuela who opposed Chavez, controlled the television networks, and led an attempted coup. News Corp. the Fox parent corporation has itself given $1 million to U.S. Chamber of Commerce in support of its GOP efforts. Karl Rove, a man who should be in prison (for the Valerie Plame matter, the destruction of millions of emails related to the dismissal of U.S. Attorneys among other things) appears as an analyst and raises money for his political operation to run against democratic candidates on their fair and balanced network. Glenn Beck a Fox television personality has led a right wing rally on the national mall.

A simple question. If the Republicans retake the Congress then what? The political landscape balance is 51-49? Do they then claim a mandate the way Bush claimed a short lived mandate after defeating Kerry 51-49? The western states, the northeastern states representing hundreds of millions of Americans many of who subsidize the red state tea party citizenry, simply do not agree, do not subscribe to the beliefs of right wing republicans. The people in these states believe free universal health care should be the standard, and that protecting the environment and climate change is not fiction. Why should one group continued to be bound by the other? If the right wing wants a government of every man for them self, ruled by a small elite, no social security, no public health care, no unemployment insurance, church and government going hand and hand, and corporations choosing their representatives, let them have it.

The bottom line is this relationship is not working. The left feels it has to drag the rest of the country into the 21st century, and the right is happy trying to relive in the 19th century? Maybe this election does not mirror the election of 1994 but the election of 1858? What happens to the anger and furor on the right if despite all that they have done the Democrats keep control of Congress? At least a third of them already do not believe that President Obama is an American citizen. Let’s be clear about who we are talking about. Are the far right not descendants of confederate state’s rights beliefs. And what happens to the anger on the left if Republicans take power? A left that feels that manipulated morons keep electing people that are against their interest. The independents are the kids stuck in the middle. It’s time to ask do we need a break?