So the people opposing health care reform are ok with the fact that insurance companies kick people off once the insurance company has to start paying for care? And those who oppose reform are ok with insurance companies kicking people off of insurance because of preexisting conditions like a flu in sixth grade? And those who oppose reform are ok with their neighbors going bankrupt because of out of pocket health care expenses?

No summer recess for Congressman and Senators. The shouting the screaming the anger aimed at Congressman and Senators at town halls over the proposed health care reform is quite strange. People who currently receive government paid for health care (such as Medicare and through Veterans Affairs) angry at the prospect of government paid for health care. If there is any indication that the misinformation is being spewed by the insurance industry, consider the cheers a questioner received when asking Senator Cardin of Maryland why there wasn’t Tort reform in the health care reform bill. Tort reform? The ability of insurance companies and doctors to limit what people can recover if they are injured by doctors gets cheered by people who would be hurt by such legislation. When Congressmen and Senators explain the facts of the legislation they get shouted down. Senator Specter had a pretty intense confrontation. President Obama and Senator McCaskill of Missouri at town halls both had to dispel a notion of death panels, that the government would decide end of life treatment for patients. Insane. Not true. Obama also dispelled a notion that he was collecting an enemies list because he wanted to email back people who had been told lies about his health care proposals.

Again its like facts can not penetrate the lies that have been repeated to them over and over again by hate radio. It seems most of the people showing up angry are the same teabaggers, anti-immigration, birthers, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Hannity listeners. Beck remains employed in a down market despite the fact that he should have been fired by Fox for stating that President Obama hates white people. Which implies that he hates his mostly white staff and mother and grandparents who raised him. This entire debate is evidence that the equal time rule in radio needs to be reinstated by the FCC or by congressional legislation.

There is room for a real debate over health care without the noise. Some Americans think a single payer UK, Canada or essentially Medicare for all Americans is the answer. Some Americans are oppose to their tax dollars going to those who do not have health care, or live unhealthy lives. Some think that the market place will take care of the private insurance companies that do not treat their customers well. Other critics think that reform should wait because of the federal deficit. These are legitimate issues that should be debated in a democracy. The jokers who encourage the madness, the shouting, the yelling have health care, and they have hundreds of millions of dollars for entertaining you or rather getting you to do and believe whatever they say is their entertainment.