10. “Fool me once shame on you fool me…uhhh.. can’t fool me again” the American people should fire Bush for not knowing the rest of this phrase alone.

9. He was never hired. He didn’t get the most votes but still became President. In no other sphere do you win when you get less than your opponent. And don’t get me started about the Florida debacle, how Jeb Bush criminally purged from the voter polls lawfully registered black voters and how the right wing Supreme Court led by Cheney’s fishing partner Justice Scalia gave the election to Bush.

8. Are there blacks in Brazil. Bush said this in meeting with the former President of Brazil. Startled before the Brazilian president could respond Condi Rice jumped in and informed the president that Brazil is very diverse and has the largest black population outside of Africa itself. If you don’t know that Brazil has black people you should not be President of the United States.

7. Seven stands for the $7 trillion dollar national debt. After coming into office with a budget surplus.

6. Dick Cheney. No previous Vice-president has had so much clout and influence over a presidency. And as the former CEO of Halliburton he has made sure that his old pals own most of Iraq through no bid government contracts.

5. The so-called preemptive strike doctrine. Its not only dangerous it is unprecedented American foreign policy. Its use violates international law. The attack of a non-aggressing nation is at the very foundation of war crimes. It makes Americans less safe not more.

4. Over 2.5 million jobs lost under his watch. Yet the only solution he has in tax cuts. That’s it. That’s all he ever says. Tax cut. Tax cut for the wealthy. That’s his solution to every problem. What about the drug problem…uhhh cut taxes.

3. Bush lied about the threat Iraq posed to the U.S. In his televised news conference he called Iraq a “direct threat” but in reality Iraq posed no such threat. They possessed neither weapons of mass destruction nor a connection to Al Quaeda. And no the lost of American soldiers are not worth Saddam being gone, we could have armed the Iraqis to get rid of him.

2. Bush dropped the ball on 9/11. It happened on his watch despite warnings from intelligence agencies throughout the world. Under his leadership the U.S. failed to prevent this horrible tragedy.

1. Bush and his family connection to the Saudi royal family and Bin Ladin family members is too suspect and too detrimental to the U.S. fight against terrorism. This relationship even resulted in Bin Ladin family members and close connected Saudis to leave the U.S. in the days after 9/11 when no one else was allowed to fly. This was reported in the October 2003 Vanity Fair and on BBC’s Newsnight and recently elaborated on in the testimony of Richard Clarke former Bush advisor who claims Bush focused to much on Iraq and not the terrorist.