BCS Debacle A College Football Playoff Now
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BCS Debacle A College Football Playoff Now

The College Football Bowl Champion Series (BCS) debacle continues. How many times does Boise State have to go undefeated to get a national championship? Maybe the western States should declare their own national champion because teams in the pacific and Mountain Time zones simply get no love. The eastern sports media cannot divorce itself from the myth of SEC supremacy. Where is the evidence of SEC strength? Florida’s weak weak schedule showed against Alabama. Utah beat much of the same number 1 Alabama a year ago and it was not a close game. Alabama defeats Tennessee-Chattanooga, and North Texas out of conference, Boise State beat the PAC 10 champion Oregon and it was not a close game. Oregon can play with and beat any team in the country, yet a Boise State team that beats them gets no respect.

Texas escapes with a miracle win and is rewarded a national championship game. Ok. A few questions: Why Texas? What about an undefeated Cincinnati, from a BCS conference, what about an undefeated TCU? And how did Cincinnati leap over TCU in the rankings? Sure TCU isn’t from a BCS conference but why aren’t all Division I conferences part of the BCS? Out of the six BCS Conferences only one is a western conference, the Pac 10. One wonders if it wasn’t for the USC Trojans would they have left out all of the western conferences from the BCS.

In the end the BCS gives the championship game to Alabama and Texas two traditional powerhouses. “Rewards” Boise State and TCU with a match up against each other in the Fiesta Bowl. Great. But what does the winner of that game get except an undefeated season? They do not get to play the winner of the Alabama Texas game or the winner of the Cincinnati Florida Sugar Bowl Game. Maybe college football should be like boxing or professional wrestling. Maybe the Boise State TCU winner should be rewarded with an Intercontinental College Football National Championship or a North American College Football Championship trophy. They should be rewarded something to illustrate the idiocy of the BCS.

It would’ve been great to see Boise State or TCU play the former number one Florida and match up the other against Cincinnati. Even in bowl match up it seems the powers are afraid to let the little guy play the big guy. This is why a college football playoff is desperately needed. The BCS system is broken especially when not all conferences are allowed to participate. What if March Madness was only automatic for the ACC, The Big East and the SEC and the remaining conferences had to get at large bids. What if polls simply chose who would play in the final four or simply for the national championship? It doesn’t make sense. The problem with the BCS system is that it simply does not make sense. Settle it all on the field. Scoreboard.


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