10 Inexpensive and Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

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10 Inexpensive and Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

Time is running out for Christmas shopping. And as most Americans are keeping their wallets close to the chest here are some relatively inexpensive Christmas ideas.

1.Sweatshirt/T-shirt. Not the Christmas sweater but a sweatshirt or t-shirt of your own creation. There are several sites online where this can be done.

2.Gift baskets are always a great present for the co-worker or family. Consider a chocolate or coffee themed its bound to be a hit.

3.Music mix. Can be a great inexpensive gift idea for him or her. Burn a cd of some of their favorite music put a cool picture of him or her on the jacket.

4.Books. Take a look at some of the best sellers or the classics. Books can be a great inexpensive Christmas present.

5.Framed picture. Many people have hundreds if not thousands of photos sitting on their hard drive, Facebook page, or phone. Why not print out your favorite and put it into a frame. Or print out a few and create an old school album you can flip through with your hands.

6.Art. Artwork can also be an inexpensive gift take a look around there is probably art for sale all around you at the independent coffee shop, or at a goodwill. Find something that speaks to you or for whom the gift is for.

7.Domain name. Consider buying a domain name and website as a gift. Its relatively inexpensive about $10 to register a name.

8.Dance classes. This is a couple gift. She has probably commented at some point throughout the year, likely after Dancing With The Stars, that she wants dance lessons. So man up buy a few classes she'll love it.

9.Creative coupons. This is another gift for the couple. Create a bubble bath coupon, wine tasting coupon, hiking and camping coupon, a day shopping with her without complaints about time coupon, a day without complaining that he is watching football all day, or a day without the blackberry. A future performance based gift idea is usually a winner.

10.Wii – Inexpensive? Not quite but could work out to be a great gift if its for the entire family. Kids love it and adults really get in to it especially the Wii fit on cold winter days.

We know times are tough so remember whatever you do, if anything, it is the thought that counts.


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