On the Republican nomination side, admittedly a race that gets no love and attention from BlackState, we have observed that the best candidate for the Republican nomination, the one who is in line and whose turn is up is not even in the race. Its former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Colin Powell. In a party that bows down to seniority and turns in line, it is Colin Powell’s turn. Powell was on the Joint Chiefs under Reagan, Chairman under the elder Bush and Secretary of State under the current Bush. A veteran and statesman who brings instant credibility, his presentation before the UN convinced many Americans that Iraq was a threat, though we now know that most of that presentation was a lie. Reports have indicated that he spent many hours trying to convince W. Bush to not invade Iraq.

Colin Powell not Barrack Obama is the black man that can win the white house. Colin Powell is the moderate the GOP should be looking for, tough on terror and defense, pro-choice. If he was their nominee the Republicans would likely maintain the White House. The military has his trust he recently acknowledged that the surge was not working. We are not endorsing Powell we are no fan of the party he associates a party that includes the likes of the current vice president and secretary of state and their right wing associations.

Though Colin Powell has declined any interest in running for President, his role in the disastrous war in Iraq would come under greater scrutiny if he decided to run. The angst the American people have toward the war could be taken out on him or any republican candidate. Thus far the only Republican candidate to be against the war is the libertarian leaning Ron Paul who has gained a following primarily due to his anti-war stance. There is a since to amongst moderate Republicans that this war was a mistake and that their party has been hijacked by religious conservatives, who want the state to do their bidding in evangelizing. Whereas traditional Republicans want no part of government involved in anything, except defense and keeping taxes low. Ron Paul has tapped into this divide amongst the GOP. But he will likely not win a single primary and will be marginalized by the press. Which is mistake Kucinich on the democratic side should not be marginalized by the press for his ideas which do not fit into the mainstream script.

The race as being currently run on the Republican side seems to be the making of a electoral loss of historical proportions. The Republican nominee unless he runs away from Bush, far away and taps into the issues that has drawn Republicans to Paul’s message, has no chance of getting elected, short of fraud.