Democracy In America Revealed: America Is A One Party State

The fact that the Republican Party controls the U.S. Presidency, the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and republican appointees dominate the U.S. Supreme Court is dangerous for American democracy. Most Americans may not realize it but a single political party is already ruling them. Not unlike Cuba, China, a string of African nations or fascist Germany. Locally as well, most Americans live in states governed by republicans including the largest, California, New York, Texas, and Florida. Although this scenario may be a real life wet dream for Karl Rove republican consolidation and centralization is a threat to American democracy itself.

Checks and Balances

The U.S. Constitution sets the framework by which three co-equal branches are to share power so as to provide a check on the others possible abuse. The framers recognized the likelihood of political parties but were worrisome about the potential conflicts. Their worries have materialized in the federal branch of government wherein the President asserts vast unchecked powers in the name of “commander in chief” never before granted. Which includes apparently the right to listen in on phone calls of the citizenry despite the fourth amendments prohibition but for probable cause.

In addition Bush has attached to many pieces of legislation including the prohibition of torture what is called a signing statement. Which is an unconstitutional statement stating what the president believes how the law should be applied. No wonder Bush’s poll numbers are Nixon like. Consider this statement attached to the anti-torture bill: “The president, as commander in chief, can waive the torture ban if he decides that harsh interrogation techniques will assist in preventing terrorist attacks.” or the signing statement attached to the revised (un)Patriot Act, “The president can order Justice Department officials to withhold any information from Congress if he decides it could impair national security or executive branch operations.” What! Where is the Republican controlled Congress? Theoretically, Congress would assert its Constitutional protected authority as the lawmaker to strike down and ban these signing statements. But Congress has heretofore been silent. Why? The Republican controlled Congress has abdicated their role as co-equal branch of government. The Federal bench is full of judges appointed and approved by the same republican party and are all too likely to defer to congress and the executive under the political question doctrine which lets the courts get out of solving political disputes except of course Election 2000.

Admit it or not America is already a one party state. Don’t let the right wing corporate controlled media tell you otherwise. Americans can stop this terrifying trend by first getting rid of a corrupt Republican congress; begin to embrace third party candidates nationally and locally including the greens and the reform party. Once these things occur the downward slide of the republic will end…