Junior Dos Santos Knocks Out Cain Velasquez
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Junior Dos Santos Knocks Out Cain Velasquez

The UFC Heavyweight title changed hands live on Fox prime time television. In a much hyped fight that lived up to its billing for one minute and four seconds Dos Santos became the new heavyweight champion after knocking out Cain Velasquez.

Velasquez who became the champion after defeating Brock Lesnar looked to retain his unbeaten undisputed championship. But it was not to be. Shortly as the match got under way Junior Dos Santos connected with an over hand right behind the ear and put down Velasquez. Junior jumped on Velasquez and started to pound. The matched was stopped at the one minute and four seconds. New champion.

After the match the undefeated Junior thanked his family and friends. Before the match Fox showed a background piece on Junior Dos Santos in his home country of Brazil and the hard conditions he grew up in. He'll return to Brazil now champion.


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