P. I., (pee eye) n., Personal information. “This information is strictly P. I.” Also., adj., “You have to promise to keep it P. I.” [Etym., 80’s youth]

Packing, (PACK-ing) v. pres. participle, Carrying a weapon. “When that security guard grabbed me, I could feel he was packing.” [Etym., African American]

Patna, (PAT-na) n., Friend, comrade. “Yo, patna, haven’t seen you in weeks.” [Etym., African American, from partner.]

Peace out, (pees aut) interjection., goodbye, see you later. “Peace out, guys.” Also simply, Peace. [Etym., African American]

Peeps, (peeps) n., Friends, associates. “I’m sticking with my peeps.” [Etym., African American]

Perky, (PER-kee) adj., Possessing a thick butt with a slim figure. “That girl’s pants make her look perky.” [Etym., African American]

Phat, (fat) adj., Good, great, tight, cool, wealthy. “The party was phat, we had so much fun.” (Also: Phatty used as noun or adjective; Phatty-phatty-bo-batty as adjective.) [Etym., 17th Century England, fat, hip hop usage from 80’s, ph- spelling from 1981] See: Fat.

Pinche, (PEEN-chay) adj., damned, goddamned, “I can’t get this pinche ride to start.” [Etym., Chicano/Spanish]

Pinner, (PIN-er) n., A very small, tightly rolled, joint. “Hey, don’t just roll a pinner.” [Etym., drug culture]

Player, (PLAY-er) n., Also: Playa. Someone who is dating two or more people at the same time. A pimp. “Jordan thinks he is such a player.” [Etym., from Superfly film, Curtis Mayfield.]

Poke, (poke) v., To have sexual relations. “Got to have something to poke on.” Also as noun: “I want to get my poke in.” Demeaning. [Etym., hip hop]

Pookie, (PU-kee) n., marijuana, bot., cannabis sativa. “Yo, fool, where’s the pookie at?” [Etym., drug culture]

Poontang, (POON-tang) n., Female genitals. “He can’t think of anything but poontang.” Also: poonanny. [Etym., American south, 1920’s]

Pooped, (poopt) v. past participle. Out of breath, exhausted. “I was pooped after the long hike.” [Etym., 60’s youth culture]

Po-po, (poe poe) n., the police. “Uh, oh, here comes the po-po.” [Etym., African American]

Poppin’ a collar, (POP-in a CAL-er) v., pres. participle. A style of dancing in which the dancer holds his/her collar and rocks gently to the music. “Those hood rats are always poppin’ a collar.” [Etym., Hip hop]

Props (props) n., Respect, credit that is due to one, credit for accomplishment. “I’ve gotta give props to the teachers we had.” [Etym., hip hop]

Punk, (punk) n., A person into the punk music scene; a coward; someone who deliberately attempts to annoy. “I knew he’d turn out to be a punk.” [Etym., 80’s youth]

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