Endoe, (EN-doe) n., marijuana, bot. cannabis sativa. “I’m trying to find some endoe.” [Etym., Rastafarian]

Ese, (ES-ay), pron., Literally, “that,” but used as: You, brother, friend, comrade. “Wazzup, ese?” [Etym., Chicano/Spanish]

Extended food privileges, (ex-TEN-did fud PRI-vi-le-jus) n., Getting on the good side of a friend and being rewarded with food. “I got extended food privileges at Tom’s house.” [Etym., 90’s youth culture]


Fade (fad) v., to pay for part of something in order to get a part of it. “That looks like a good pie, can I fade on that?” Also: to slip away, disappear. “When the cops roll up, you have to fade.” Also used to mean drunk, “He was hella faded last night.” When used as noun, a haircut, especially in African American males, in which the hair is beveled in to the skin. “Hey, man, did you see my fade?” [Etym., African American]

Fat (fat) adj., Large, good, excellent. “I had a fat load of homework last night.” “That was such a fat song, man!” Also, adv., fatly. See: Phat. [Etym., African American]

Feel me (feel me) v., To be in agreement with. “I think the teacher is being hypocritical, do you feel me?” [Etym., African American]

Firme, (FEER-may) adj., Strong, solid, loyal. “You’re my firme bro, bro.” [Etym., from Spanish, Chicano]

Fit, (fit) adj., Also: fitted. Fashionably dressed, well dressed, wearing current styles. (“He is really fitted.”) [Etym., African American]

Five-0, (five oh) n., the police. “Watch it, man, five-0 on that side street.” [Etym., police code for police officers.]

Flossy (FLOSS-ee) adj., Cool, clean, excellent. “That’s a flossy ass car.” [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Fly, (flie) adj., Beautiful, clean, honorable. “That guy is so fly.” [Etym., 19th C. England, stylish coach]

Fo’ Sheazy (fo SHEE-zee) adj., (Also: Fo’ shizzel) for sure, emphatic positive expression, certainly, positive acknowledgement. “Do you want to go with her?” “Fo’ sheazy I do, bro’.” Also used in: Off the heazy, fo’ sheazy. (“Off the hook, for sure.”) Also used in: “Fo’ Shizzel, my nizzel.” Meaning “For sure, my friend.” [Etym., African American]

Fo’ sho’, (foe show) adv., For sure, certainly, absolutely. “Do I want to go to the movies? Fo’ sho’!” [Etym., African American]

Folks (fokes) n., Family members; close friends or associates. “We were folks a long time ago until she went bad.” [Etym., African American]

Foolio, (FU-lee-o) n., a fool, a jerk, a stupid person. “What are you trying to do, folio?” [Etym., 90’s youth, mixture of fool and Coolio]

Forty (FOR-tee) n., A forty ounce bottle of malt liquor that has a higher alcohol concentration than beer. “After drinking a whole forty, the girl fell out.” [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Four-one-one, 411, n., Necessary information “Give me the 411 on that boy.” [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Fowl (fowl) adj., Unacceptable, unfair. “Yo, man, that kind of move is fowl.” [Etym., 70’s youth]

Freak (FREEK) n., A person who acts wild or weird; sexual activity. “He was a big freak.” “It’s time to get my freak on.” [Etym., African American]

Freaky deaky (FREE-kee DEE-kee) adj., Acting crazy or weird in a sensual way. “He was being freaky deaky.” See: Freak. [Etym., 80’s funk]

Fresh, (fresh) adj., Great, neat, cool. “That’s fresh.” [Etym., originated by Fantastic Grand Wizard Theodore and the 5 MC’s, 1978]

Front (front) v., Acting fake, putting on a cover. “Don’t front like you’re prep when you’re really gangster.” [Etym., African American]

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