G (gee) n., Friend, comrade, member of the same gang. “Come on, G, let’s get out of here.” see, O.G. [Etym., African American]

Gaffle (GAF-ful) verb, (past participle: gaffled) steal. “He gaffled some skrill from his mom.” [Etym., African American]

Game (gaem) n., Words used to attract the opposite sex through conversation, seductive speaking skill. “You ain’t got no game.” “I was spittin’ my game when my moms called on my cell phone.” [Etym., Hip hop]

Ganja (GAN-ja) n., marijuana, bot., cannabis sativa. “Stop dwellin’ on that ganja.” [Etym., Rastafarian.]

Gank (gank) verb, (past participle: ganked) steal. “He ganked the test answers from the teacher’s desk.” [Etym., African American]

Ghetto, (GET-o) adj., Broken down, cheap, worn out. “Your shoes are so ghetto.” [Etym., from ghetto meaning African American community, considered to have less wealth; from ghetto meaning restricted Jewish districts of European cities, from Italian for the waterworks district of Venice which was a Jewish community in the middle ages.] Usage note: While ghetto is used widely by African American and other young people, it has a negative connotation as part of a culture of disrespect and contempt for African American working class people.

Ghetto-fabulous, (GET-o FAB-u-lus) adj., Extremely good, excellent, outstanding. “That new outfit your mom got you is ghetto-fabulous.” [Etym., Hip hop]

Good ol’ (gud ol) adj., Sarcastic description of anything, saying it is positive but really meaning negative. “It’s time for good ol’ math.” [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Gooey balls, (GU-ee balz) n., A confection, such as Rice Krispie treats, made with marijuana or hashish. “The gooey balls at Reggae on the River were only a dollar.” [Etym., drug sub-culture]

Goth, (goth) n., a person who dresses in black, sometimes with black makeup, and shows interest in things medieval, sometimes morbid. “It seems like all the Goths are growing older and leaving the scene.” [Etym., 90’s youth, from Gothic] see Kinder Bat.

Grill (gril) n., Front teeth; the full mouthful of teeth. Often used when one puts a gold apparatus on the teeth.. “Man, check out how his grill is bling blingin’.” [Etym., African American]

Grub, (grub) v., To eat; Also: n., food. “Yo, everyone into the dining room, time to grub!” “I’m hungry, let’s go get some grub.” [Etym., African American]

Grungy, (GRUN-jee) adj., Filthy, grimy, soiled, unkempt. “The park is so grungy.” [Etym., description of dress of musicians in Seattle area in 80’s punk garage bands.]

Guey, (way) n., Bastard, fool. Demeaning but used often with affection. “OK, guey, I’ll see you later.” [Etym., Chicano/Spanish]

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