Glenn Beck is a television and right wing hate radio personality. A right wing profiteer in misinforming and raising fear in his audiences lives. Its not just fear of big government (whatever that means). Its deeper. Its fear of a black President. It may even include as Public Enemy once said Fear of a Black Planet. Let’s not dance around the issue here. The only America he seeks to restore is the one where the President’s are white. Would there be a tea bagging movement had Hillary Clinton became President or if John McCain had won the presidency? Glenn Beck still has a job at Fox News after calling the President a racist. Glenn Beck went on to say on live television stated that President Obama, “has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” Hmmm. So what kind of civil rights or restoring honor is Glenn Beck talking about. (Glenn Beck rally is also being referred to as the glenn beck rally restoring honor rally glenn beck restoring honor 8 28 rally).

Some cite the vocal opposition by some to health care reform as given birth to the opposition to the Obama administration. But when health care was being first debated, including the public option, if one recalls, a large majority of over 70 percent was in support of health care reform that included a public option. This number according to the June 2009 New York Times poll also included 50 percent of Republicans in favor of health care reform that included a public option. Ok great so what happened after June 2009? These numbers freaked out the health insurance companies in favor of the status quo. Thus the health care town hall meetings organized by insurance companies and opponents of the Obama administration were born to facilitate opposition and gain national attention, especially through an entire television network dedicated to destroying the Obama presidency, Fox News. As a side note here, the New Yorker just published a great piece on the owners of Koch Industries and there role in funding the opposition to the Obama administration. So if it wasn’t for a vocal minority with billions of dollars to spend and the ability to gain media attention health care would have passed much easier and it would have been a better bill.

It is as if the Obama administration did not plan for the political fight that comes with governing. President Obama can not be the only one who believes in post partisan governing in order for post partisanship to work. The other side has to be willing to give something and the Republicans and their right wing media outlets have too much money to make in hate. Post partisanship is a dream when the President can only get the two Republican Senators from Maine to move legislation forward. When Republican Senator’s block African American confirmations for no reason at all.

George W. Bush had no majority of American support at all during most of his Presidency yet he governed as if he had 90 percent approval all the time. President Obama and his administration has to go on offense. The Republicans have had the ball and they are trying to run out the clock before the midterm elections. It is as if they want Americans to forget that they are the cause of the very economic ills that is affecting America. Its time for the Obama administration to take possession and lead. Talk about what’s next for getting Americans back to work. Talk about spending. Say yes the government had to do some spending because the private sector was not. Say it was good that the government spent money on unemployment extensions. Yes it was good to give money to the states so that they would not have to fire police officers and teachers. Say yes there has been difficulty with foreclosure and buying up mortgages but acknowledge that your administration is working to get it right. Say that the independent Congressional Budget Office said that the Stimulus worked. It put millions of people to work and increased economic output.

Talk radio hosts and Sarah Palin a former Vice Presidential candidate who can not name six countries in Europe, or knew that Africa was not a country can mask patriotism behind their true agenda as has been done throughout history throughout time. Right wing government, more power to the elite, elimination of the middle class, elimination of government for the people by the majority of people.

Progressives and political moderates who by the millions came out and gave President Obama a large electoral victory need to wake up, stop yelling at the TV, retake the streets and ballot box. Give the pundits a shock. Democrats not only keep the House and Senate they add seats. It’s go time.