Ten Great Halloween Costumes 2012 Last Minute Edition
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Ten Great Halloween Costumes 2012 Last Minute Edition

We draw from political and pop culture to determine our ideas. Some are practical some just are not.No matter what you do have a good time doing it.

10. Avengers - can be popular for adults and kids alike. Iron Man, Captain America, Incredible Hulk. Pick your favorite.

9. Sexy Anything. For the ladies this year and every year feel free to be a sexy anything.

8. Cartoon Character from the 1980's. Voltron, Thundercats, Smurfs, Transformers, could be a hit at the parties.

7. Alien. Could be easy to do in a pinch with lots a make up and sheets and clothes from around the house.

6. Mitt Romney as Two-Face the villain from Batman. Great Because Romney appears to be on both sides of every issue.

5. For the little ones. How about a frog, magician, adybug, or princess.

4. A Kardashian take your pick.

3. Big Bird.

2. Apple product. Best with a group of friends. One can be an iPap, another an iPad mini, another the iPhone and another the newest iPhone.

1. PSY Gangnam Style Guy. We expect to see plenty of this guy on Halloween based on his earth shattering Youtube video. You can also choose any of the video's characters.

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