Halloween Costume Ideas 2011 Edition
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Halloween Costume Ideas 2011 Edition

This years edition of Halloween costume ideas features classics and costume ideas ripped from the headlines.

10. Occupy Halloween. Though we agree with many of the sentiments of occupy. No one is above a little poke. So feel free to occupy halloween.

9. Sexy anything. Once again we do recommend the sexy fill-in the blank costume.

8. Nicki Minaj. Not sure why but Nicki Minaj costume searches are popular online. I don't know maybe because she's a “monster and thats what monster's do.”

7. Zombie. You will be ready for the zombie apocalypse. Because you will already be a zombie. Great classic and creepy halloween costume.

6. Charlie Sheen. He had quite a year and what a way to remember the greatest lines of 2011 such as “winning” and “tiger blood” than with a Halloween costume.

5. Group on. Living Social. Not sure how but could be creative to be some sort of discount site.

4. LMFAO. The party rockers. Be these guys for halloween and you are certain to set the party off right.

3. Fairy. Thanks to True Blood. Another classic halloween costume is set to return.

2. Pirate. Better yet Michael Bolton as Captain Jack Sparrow.

1. iPad figure out how be one and you will be in the running for best costume.


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