The election is only one week away. With that said we only have one choice on the Presidential ballot that will protect the legacy of President Obama. Only one candidate will fight for better health care, will keep the economy going in the right direction, not propose a repeat of failed tax cuts for the rich policy. Only one candidate will fight for equal pay for equal work. Only one candidate will protect voting rights and the civil rights we’ve fought for so many years. Only one candidate truly has the temperament to be President of the United States and that person is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary has been endorsed by just about every major newspaper in the country from deep red Texas to Arizona to Florida to Ohio to North Carolina they all agree she is the best qualified and has the best temperament to be President. Now go vote for her. On Tuesday November 8th go vote for Hillary. If you can vote early go today or go tomorrow and vote for Hillary.

It will not necessarily be easy however. Voter suppression attempts by Republicans have already begun. For instance in North Carolina, a federal judge early this year struck down outright racist attempts to keep African Americans from voting. See. Yet still the NAACP has again just filed suit because the North Carolina Republicans are just removing people from voter rolls. See also.

No other political party is doing this, only the Republican party are trying to stop African Americans from voting. But it is par for the course the republicans have nominated the most racist candidate for President in nearly a century. He has appealed to far right hate groups, originally refused to denounce the KKK, accused Mexicans of being rapists, and so much much more. He thinks of women as mere objects of perversion to be sexually assaulted at his will. He is a pervert. He’s been accused of actually assaulting women. Just two weeks ago Republicans were calling for him to step down as the nominee. Donald Trump is not only a bad hombre, con man, faker, every conspiracy believer and starter. He is the closest thing to a walking and talking fraud that we’ve ever seen get this close to the Presidency. Think about this. No former Republican President is supporting Trump.

Don’t let the FBI’s bullshit cointelpro of Hillary co-opt this election. Get the fuck out and vote for Hillary.