Mayor Kim Kardashian Why Not Congress
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Mayor Kim Kardashian Why Not Congress

Kim Kardashian for Mayor. Forget Mayor why not Congress. The government could use her financial savvy and dare we say assets. The republic of California is not new to celebrity politicians. Arnold was Governor. Really. The Terminator was Governor as a result the game has changed. The line between celebrity and politician has blurred. Anyone with money and media attention can go from joke candidate to serious candidate over night.

Does anyone doubt what a Kardashian can do. From obscurity to a multimillion dollar empire. If Kim Kardashian can pull off a short marriage paid for in part by advertisers and clear millions of dollars. Be the star of a reality TV show, model, launch a clothing line, clothing store, hook up with the likes of football star Reggie Bush and superstar Kanye West truly anything is possible.

So what do we say run Kim run.


Kim Kardashian

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