Kobe Bryant Injured Lakers Future In Doubt
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Kobe Bryant Injured Lakers Future In Doubt

The old sports saying is that father time is undefeated. Kobe Bryant is no exception. Kobe at the end of his 17th season and looking nothing like the 17 year vet suffered a certain season ending achilles injury against the Golden State Warriors. Regardless of whether the Lakers hold on and make the playoffs its likely they will do so without Kobe Bryant. Injured with three minutes left in a shoot out with Stephen Curry who put up 47 points, Kobe came down in what was a typical play but heard a pop.

Its questionable whether Kobe should have been in the game at all, he suffered a knee injury earlier in the game but did not miss any minutes. The Lakers are fighting for a playoff spot and Kobe is the leader but the coach has got to sit him rest him. Rightly or wrongly Mike D'Antoni will share some of the blame for this injury. Kobe was playing too many minutes. He played all the minutes of second of a back to back against Portland. For seasoned vets in the NBA its not about age its about minutes played. Kobe played too many and his body started to give. You never know when its going to happen you just know it will happen.

For the Lakers now its time for Pau Gasol, who added a triple double to the Warriors win, and Dwight Howard who when healthy is the best center in the game to step up for the Lakers. As for the Lakers franchise the post-Kobe era is on the horizon a bit sooner than previously thought.



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