Lakers Peaking Take Game One Over Suns
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Lakers Peaking Take Game One Over Suns

Defending NBA Champions Los Angeles Lakers looked like the champions in their 128-107 game one victory over the Phoenix Suns. The Lakers got the Kobe Bryant of 2002 scoring 40 points on 13 of 23 shooting and dishing out 5 assists. The much maligned Laker bench showed up too led by Lamar Odom who started the game on fire and contributed 19 points and 19 rebounds for the game. Backup guard Jordan Farmar added another 10 points and 5 assists. Pau Gasol was as reliable as ever dropping in 21 points in 10 of 13 shooting. The Lakers played perfectly, even a missed dunk by Shannon Brown was spectacular.

The Phoenix Suns simply did not have enough to match the Lakers fire power. Steve Nash scored 13 points and had 13 assists and Amare Stoudemire had a solid 23 point game. But Kobe injuries and all showed up ready. Whether defended by Grant Hill or Jason Richardson it didn't matter Kobe was in the proverbial zone.

The series is far from over. The Suns now know what they can expect from the Lakers and will make adjustments for game two. For the Suns to have a chance they're going to need Kobe to have an off night and the Laker bench feeling over confident to take the night off or else this one could be over fast. And then the Lakers will be left waiting for a team that embarrassingly beat them two years ago for the championship or the team they beat last year for the NBA championship.

Lakers vs Suns Shannon Brown Missed Dunk Video


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