By all statistical accounts the four years of George W. Bush has been one of the worse administrations in American political history. This is not political partisanship this is truth. The tragic events of 9/11 happened on his watch; He lied about weapons of mass destruction being Iraq when he knew intelligence said otherwise; He lied about a connection between Iraq and Al-Queda illegally starting a war with Iraq instead of using those troops and resources to capture Bin Ladin and those responsible for 9/11; and Bush, Cheney, and their corporate cronies are unapologetic in their looting of the American people and the Iraqis with no bid contracts and untold millions; Domestically the budget deficit is at a record 500 billion dollars when Bush inherited a surplus; Over 2 million jobs were lost on his watch and the new ones created pay less and cost more to be insured; He has offered no plan for fixing the healthcare crises at all except for giving tax breaks to the insurance industry and attacking attorneys who sue for people who got screwed by the insurance companies and healthcare providers.

Bush has been running on 9/11but lets take another look. He must take some responsibility for the events of 9/11 whether it is was a failure of intelligence on the part of government agencies or a failure of his own intelligence. The truth is as the 9/11 commission points out the Bush administration did not take Al-Queda to be as serious threat as the previous administration. We will never know whether holding high-level meetings on terrorism as Richard Clark suggested could have prevented the tragedies, as it did in preventing the millennium attacks. Bush is responsible for the 9/11 attacks at some level.

He refused to testify to the 9/11 Commission without the presence of Dick Cheney and refused to testify under oath about what he knew prior to 9/11. The American people will never know the truth about his family dealings with the Saudi Royal kingdom including the family of Bin Ladin and how if at all this may have led to the tragic events of that day. The buck stops with him. He loves to claim to be commander in Chief but he does not admit mistakes and take responsibility for his actions. In fact, Bush has a pattern of not taking personal responsibility for his actions, inaction and mistakes. Real leaders take responsibility for there actions. It has been alleged that Bush skipped out on his National Guard service, used illegal drugs and was pulled over for a DUI.

Bush has refused to answer questions about the alleged previous drug use but its time the American people got an answer. The use of cocaine in the 1970’s and 1980’s amongst white-collar corporate executives like Bush was rampant. The American people deserve to know if their leader is high or has ever been high. They deserve to know because like alcohol, drugs used overtime kills brain cells. Which can effect the operation of the brain in several ways including judgment. We all laugh at the Bushisms but is his mis-speaking a result of previous drug use not a lack of command of the English language. The American people deserve to know the truth about there choice to lead their government.

Bush lied about the reasons for war in Iraq and yes it matters. Giving “freedom” to the people of Iraq is great and wonderful but as Dep. Sec. Of Defense Paul Wolfowitz stated it is not enough to justify American soldiers lives. Who would have supported the war in Iraq even amongst conservatives if there only reason were to give freedom to the Iraqi people? And yes it was a lie and it was knowing. Even if it was an omission it was a lie. The corporate controlled media are so afraid of the right they won’t even discuss this fact. In the March 2003 press conference on the lead up to war Bush called Iraq a direct threat to the United States. A lie. The U.S. has thousands of nuclear weapons at its disposal the state of Iraq being a threat does not pass the shit test. The United States sold Iraq its weapons arsenal the U.S. knew exactly what Iraq had or didn’t had because they sold it to them. This is common knowledge everywhere in the world except the United States whose citizenry are too blinded by cheap Wal-Mart products and SUV’s.

The United States economy is in disarray due to his failure of leadership. Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil stated in his book that he believed that Bush didn’t understand the workings of the economy, was unable to ask questions and his only solution to economic problems was to cut taxes when there are other possible answers to the nations ills. We have a record deficit in which O’Neil reports that Cheney once stated is not a problem to the health of the economy. The number of American people living in poverty rose during his three plus years in office. The number of the working poor, those living paycheck to pay check has risen under his watch. He has no answers to the real problems of the American people so he offers diversions and division like gay marriage.

American people, listen to the people that worked in the Bush White House. O’Neil saw the memos on Iraq and questioned whether they were the threat they were made out to be and talked about the economic problems with Bush, Clark worked on counter-terrorism for Bush, and urged him prior to 9/11 to take Bin Ladin more seriously. These people know the truth about Bush and the Bush administration.

Bush and Dick are liars, thieves and killers. And if they get four more years the American people should expect the same, more lies, more thievery and more death.