The End of Lost
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The End of Lost

The Lost series finale time is set for 9:00 pm eastern and pacific on ABC and is scheduled to run for two and a half hours. There is also a Lost retrospective set to air at 7:00 pm leading up to the finale. Fans hope the series finale will answering lingering questions of the mysterious island and decide the fates of Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Kate, Desmond, Miles, the Smoke Monster, and Benjamin Linus.

Lost is one of the most originally written television series ever written. Its intentional use of literary references, persistent literary themes and manipulation of time with time shifting flash backs, flash forwards, and alternative realities created an intense following. The show led to the creation of fan created websites such as Lostpedia, podcasts such as The Jay and Jack Lost Podcast, and book clubs which read books shown or referenced in the episodes. The show was so unique that it once ran commercials for the fictional Dharma Initiative.

Lost has generated many quotes which you'll probably see your friends use as an their facebook status. Some favorite Lost quotes include: "If we can't live together, then we're going to die alone" "See you in another life, brother", "We're the good guys, Michael", "We have to go back", "A twelve-year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing?", and "Whatever happened, happened."


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