Lost Gives A Spiritual Goodbye
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Lost Gives A Spiritual Goodbye

The television series Lost came through and delivered a fitting end to our favorite characters from Oceanic flight 815. On the island and in the flash sideways, the story of Lost is resolved. Without giving away the finale for those who have not watched it yet suffice to say that on the island Jack and the smoke monster collide, in which Jack finally fulfills his destiny. Jack finally understands why he as driven to go back to the island. Hurley and Benjamin Linus also fulfill their destiny on the island. And Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Richard, and Frank Lapidus try to find a way off the island.

In the flash sideways in two emotionally charged reunions Sawyer and Juliette find each other, Charlie and Claire find each other after Kate and Charlie deliver baby Aaron just as it happened on the island. Jack fixes Locke's back and Jin and Sun see their baby for the first time. Then finally in the flash sideways they all meet up to depart.

Lost explained. For those looking for a lost finale explanation or our lost series finale theories here is ours. Lost is not easy explained. It is not an easy one its more spiritual and existential. A warning to those who have not watched yet. As Jack's father explained to him, the flash sideways was the world they created to find each other. This entire season the island time line was the correct time line. Some in the flash sideways died on the island others off the island. But they were all already dead. There is no now. Hurley for example could have lived an untold amount of years, and he thanked Ben Linus for being a great number two. Ben did not join them in departing still needing to deal with the things he did on the island. But Ben did find some resolution with the real John Locke. The Lost finale was not just about lost answers. But ultimately the finale was about Jack Shepard. Jack letting go.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted some of the Lost characters after the finale which included Mathew Fox, with promos hyping up alternate endings. Those endings did disappoint they were gags from other famous television finales.


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