This commentary could be about neo-colonialism. How the violent colonial racist regime of Rhodesia, founded upon racism, and greed, and enforced through apartheid and white racist terror produced what is happening in Zimbabwe. This coud be about Cecil Rhodes, the arrogance of white colonizers and settlers, about how the white colonizers took all the good agricultural land for themselves and with guns and bibles defeated an ancient culture and one time empire. for themselves, how the British government worked to limit any real land redistribution post colonialism. This commentary could be about how Zimbabwe has only been a free and independent country since 1980! How in the first 28 years of the United States there were essentially two constituions, the threat of civil war, wars with Native Americans, Slavery, and British invasions. But no.

This commentary is about Robert Mugabe’s personal quest to hold onto power, for powers sake, his own sake. Not for the people to whom he is alleged to represent. His own sake. An 85 year old man’s desire to hold onto power. The old saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely rings true in Zimbabwe. The opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai who sought refuge at the Danish embassy fearing assassination was right to call off the elections as they are a scam. He won the election in March outright but will not be allowed to rule. Any illusion of rule by the people in Zimbabwe is over and what is left is a military dictatorship. Nothing more.

In order for any resemblance of a governable state, Robert Mugabe and his military and police leadership must step down. The recent events will cause Robert Mugabe to not be remembered as a stalwart of African liberation but of a tired old dictator like many others who came into power under the Pan-African banner but ruled under the colonial banner. He will be mentioned in the same sentences as other African dictators such as Mobutu who was overthrown and died in exile with billions in personal wealth stolen from the state while his people starved.

The violence against the opposition for merely being the opposition has been nothing more than a grotesque crime against humanity and worthy of the International Criminal Tribunal at The Hague. In the 21st century there cannot be this sort of violence with the only offense is voting. Mugabe stated that only God can remove him from office that may be true as it is said God does his work though people and people in this instance may mean the security council, the blue helmets, Southern African Development Community, ECOMOG, African Union, Union Jack or stealth bombers. (Cite as June 2008)