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New NFL Season New Fantasy Football

Who are your starters for week 1. We know the week already started with a great Packers and Saints game. Who knows that game could have been a preview of the NFC Championship. There are great NFL story lines this season. Will the Packers repeat? How will the Colts do without Manning for now part of the season. Will the Patriots bounce back to make a Super Bowl run. What about the Ravens, Steelers and the fully loaded Philadelphia Eagles.

There are great week one match ups that could set the tone for the year. Pittsburgh and Baltimore come to mind. The Super Bowl runner ups and super bowl contenders. Minnesota and San Diego could be a great week one matchup. McNabb returning as a starter after a tumultuous year with the Redskins and the ever talented Philip Rivers and the Chargers will they make a run at it this year. The Giants and Redskins also offer a intriguing matchup to start the year. Giants were disappointing last year and the Skins enter the second year with coach Mike Shanahan and yet another new starting quarterback in Rex Grossman. Are there sleeper teams out there? Bears, Texans, Cardinals, Chiefs?

If you drafted Peyton Manning in your fantasy football draft. Sorry. If you picked up Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees I think just from one game they are both are going to have strong years. Who is the best running back in the league is it Peterson, Foster or how about the talented Eagles running back McCoy? Who did you draft?

So we ask again who are your starters?

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