In letting the talented and progressive Van Jones resign from his cabinet President Barack Obama caved in to the far right of the republican party. Memo to the far right President Obama can choose whomever he wants as his advisors, as Reagan chose his advisors some with no love for people of color, Bush chose his advisors without any regard to those on the left.

Host and commentator Bill Maher has stated pretty consistently to which we agree that President Obama needs to be a little more like President Bush. Though we drastically disagree with President Bush’s goals and aims he did not care what the people on the left wanted to do. He did what he wanted and pushed it through a Republican controlled Congress. Millions of people in the United States and millions of people around the world marched in opposition to invasion of Iraq, yet Bush invaded Iraq anyway. Yes the result was a devastated economy, two wars, huge deficit – mostly caused by unnecessary tax cuts. But why should President Obama cave in to what the extreme right wants to do? Why should he cave in to health insurance industry sponsored lies. Health insurance sponsored and paid for so-called angry town hall mobs spewing lies about health insurance reform.

It just so happens that the extreme right in this country has a television network called Fox news. And endless AM radio outlets where they can spew what can only be called hate speech throughout America. The FCC needs to pull the plug on these so called news outlets. The Supreme Court has consistently held that speech is not without limits i.e. yelling fire in a crowded theater. Fox News hosts such as Glen Beck goes on national television and calls the first African American President racist, lies about the President’s positions, attacks an African American advisor to the President for his progressive views, labels him a radical, and is on a witch hunt for others. The extreme right even convinced schools to not show the President’s speech to school children urging them to work hard and stay in school. A speech in which President’s from Reagan to the first Bush has done. How can they get away with this nonsense? Who is the check on their extremism? If not the FCC other news outlets need to expose their lies, inconsistencies and underlying hate.

Fox news is not a news network and should cease calling itself a news network. It is a propaganda machine and mouth piece for right wing extremism. There can be no intelligent discussion of issues such as health care when those who represent the democrat position talks in terms of facts and truth and those who represent the right wing position simply lies. They actually go on Television and lie about what is included in health insurance reform. And they lie knowingly to deceive the American people. Democrats are at fault for not remembering the Clinton rules. You cannot let a negative charge go unanswered, you must answer and attack back swiftly and decisively. President Obama needs to stand before the Congress and say some of my Republican friends in this room have lied to the American people about health insurance reform.

The easiest way to guarantee one term is to not fight back against these political tyrants. They do not have a plan for health care, they do not have a plan to put Americans back to work. Their idea is to do nothing. The right wing has governed America for the past eight years and Americans have chosen a different direction. Americans do not want bipartisanship with a group of people who think that the President was not born in the United States, that though born of a white mother and raised by white grandparents does not like white people, that although he has brought different groups of people together throughout his political life is now a radical. Americans want the President of the United States to be a leader. President Obama needs to lead. If you lose the house in two years and the White House in four so be it. At least you would have fought for what you believe in. Americans know the President is a nice guy but there is a time when the President needs to be a jerk. At lease you will go out swinging.