This is what change looks like according to President Obama. In a day of stirring speeches in a year of passionate debate, in a century of trying. Congress has passed health care reform legislation. President Obama will get credit for doing what Presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Harry Truman to Bill Clinton have tried to do, provide Americans with comprehensive health care reform. Reform that ends exploitation by insurance companies. That makes coverage affordable. Health care that ends discrimination by insurance companies based upon preexisting health conditions. Reform that provides a means by which citizens are given an opportunity to afford health care.

In addition to the President the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was crucial in getting the votes needed to pass the health care bill passed by the Senate. She and the Democratic leadership has done what was thought to be impossible by the political pundits. What does Fox News do now? Maybe they will just open up the phones to the far right and let the hate speech flow.

Despite what Republicans and racist tea baggers yell. There is no government takeover of health care in this bill. It is completely private. Although many on the left would have loved a public option that would keep insurance companies in check or to go further with something of a Medicare for all bill. Speaking of the racist tea bag movement. They truly revealed themselves during the final hours of the health care debate. Yelling the N-word at African American members of Congress, as if showing up to rallies with swastikas and images of the President as Hitler wasn’t racist enough. These morons went all the way. Now that Health Care Reform has passed will these tea baggers go away now that the health insurance companies and the Republican party no longer need them.

Despite what the most vocal critics contend the health care reform bill passed by Congress will help them when they need it most. When an insurance company cuts a tea bag party member from its role because of a preexisting condition. This legislation helps them too. When a member of the Republican party’s health insurance gets raised by 40 percent in one year. This legislation helps them too. The health care reform bill passed by the House of Representatives will help all Americans.