President Obama Sets Jobs Agenda
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President Obama Sets Jobs Agenda

President Obama in a strong speech before a joint session of Congress implored the Congress to act to support the millions of Americans searching for jobs. With unemployment hovering at 9 percent and economic growth slowing the President put forth reasonable measures to help create jobs and grow the economy.

The President stated that their should be nothing controversial about the American Jobs Act because it included many bipartisan proposals such as cutting the payroll tax and repairing faltering schools and extending unemployment benefits. Whether or not the American Jobs Act can become law depends mostly on Republicans in the House of Representatives who have been opposed to anything the President is for including some of their own ideas.

President Obama came off as the proverbial grown up in the room. A serious leader dismayed at the political games played at the expense of the American people. He was in short on his game and it came across. All the GOP contenders seeking to take his job in 14 months were given a reminder of how difficult that task will be.

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