Old Navy Flip Flops Kick Off Summer
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Old Navy Flip Flops Kick Off Summer

Retailer Old Navy is blowing up the internet with the old navy flip flop sale 2010. Old Navy is kicking off summer a week before the unofficial start of summer Memorial Day. According to its online shop Old Navy's flip flops are a mere two pair for $5. Other sales include women's tank tops for $6. To find your local old navy just click on the old navy store locator at OldNavy.com. The image of millions of Ameican feet in flip flops is hilarious.

It is unclear if other retailers will match Old Navy's summer discounting zeal. Retailer Kohl's has summer sales online and in store some deals offering 50% or 60% off. Retailers have been pushing through with their collective heads above water in the midst of the great recession. Kohl's stock price and Gap the parent company of Old Navy are both doing relatively well given the economic conditions.

American's use to the good old days of shopping with abandon may take a more cautious approach now looking for deals wherever they may find them. This will only benefit retailers such as Old Navy, Kohls, Target and of course Walmart.


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