Pac Man Takes Over Google
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Pac Man Takes Over Google

The coolest thing blowing up the web this weekend had to be the pac man google game from Google's home page. Who knows how many minutes we will never get back after playing pacman on Google. How can it be that a simple game 30 years old we all still fun to play. In an age of Wii Xbox and Playstation, that pac man is still a fan favorite. The 30th anniversary pac man game is like the first. Pac man running for its life from four ghosts and racking up high scores.

If we had to rank the classic arcade games Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man would definitely rank one and two flip the order either way. Galaga is another classic game, and you can't forget about Donky Kong, Super Mario or the sleeper Double Dragon. Who can forget the Atari Tank arcade game surely a hall of fame classic.

Pac man was not the first video game but arguably the most popular in helping make mainstream what is now a multi-billion dollar industry.


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