Let’s see we have republican sponsored robocalls questioning the loyalty of a U.S. Senator and an American who has inspired millions of Americans to be involved in the political process. A Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin vowing to campaign only in the Pro-American parts of the country – which should be and is a deeply offensive statement to all Americans. A Republican congressman from North Carolina accusing Liberals of being Anti-American, A Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota questioning whether Senator Barack Obama has anti-American views and suggesting that the media should inquire into the pro or anti-American views of members of Congress. What’s going on here?

Anti-American are they joking? Senator Obama is the hope filled America can do anything candidate. What are these Republicans talking about? It is settled that questioning whether one is pro or anti-American is itself anti-American. Through this language and constant right wing hate radio they are dangerously sowing the seeds of civil conflict. The views of the right wing of the Republican Party are not American at all they are Confederate. They seek to do what those like them have always done, convince poor and lower middle class whites that they have more in common with rich white Americans than the poor and lower middle class Black and now Latino voters. That they are the true Americans. Their electoral strategy has been primarily based on skin pigmentation. A trick that goes back to before the founding of the Republic when white indentured servants and black indentured servants were divided so as not to unite and overthrow the wealthy land owners. A strategy employed and exploited by Richard Nixon through his southern strategy and every Republican Presidential candidates since.

A quick glance at the projected electoral map reveals former confederate states making up the heart of the red states. Blue states in the northeast, mid-west and pacific west. There is a difference in the world view between these parts of the country but one is not more American than the other. Elements of the Republican party deciding who is American and who is Anti-American is a dangerous game that they cannot handle the potential unintended consequences. If this election results in a clearly fraudulent victory for John McCain and Sarah Palin, a victory that Robert Mugabe would say was rigged or that even Fox News acknowledged as fishy, their could be trouble. What’s to stop Americans on the west coast, frustrated by a government 2500 miles away that does not listen to their concerns and desire for universal health care, a clean environment or counts citizens votes, from bolting. California alone would be the 6th largest economy in the world or what about the northeastern new england states who almost formed their own union in 1814?

The who is pro or anti-American game is one that must remain squarely in the past where Americans fought and died for their version of what is American. Republicans should, to paraphrase one of their own, watch what they say.