The Republican Party is completely void of new ideas. Their only ideas in the unveiled Pledge To America is to return America back to the time when America was at the brink of financial collapse. Why would American’s want to return to power the very people who were in power during the horrific Bush presidency? The very people who were asleep while foreclosures and unemployment grew. It was the Republicans led by President Bush and then Secretary of the Treasury Paulson who forced through the bailout of Wall Street without any oversight of how the $700 billion gift to their friends would be spent. House Minority Leader John Boehner supported and urged Republicans to vote for TARP. (Side note: Does Boehner get discriminated against for being orange. Do cops pull him over for no reason? Does he get followed around stores when he shops?).

The Republican’s keep screwing the American people and the people most hurt by their policies continue to vote for them. Its strange its freudian. They are accomplishing this by having the loudest boom box. Fox News is the Republican Party’s television network. They make allot of noise. They distort the news unlike anything that has been seen in American history. The Republicans also have right wing hate radio, featuring Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly supporting the Republican message or setting the agenda and staying on point. The Democrats, the moderates, the independents, and as John Stewart stated the busy American’s have no such organized outlet. As much as the right would argue that the mainstream media is biased toward the left, which its not its actually balanced toward truth which the right generally believes is liberal. Given the low ratings of nightly news and the thousands of online news outlets one isn’t sure what the right wing means by mainstream media anymore.

President Obama and the democrats in Congress have been in power together less than two years and in that short period of time have stopped the bleeding. The much ripped on stimulus plan is working according to independent sources, such as the Congressional Budget Office but the Fox News narrative is that it did not work and they keep repeating the lie until it becomes the truth. Classic propaganda. Republicans created the federal budget deficit. This is a fact. President Obama came in with a budget deficit created by the Republicans. Now they rile against something that they created. Meanwhile the Democrats have helped the average American by passing health care reform so the health insurance companies can’t kick you off when you get sick and continuing to support unemployment insurance benefits. If the Republicans take the House or Senate millions of American’s may lose the lifeline that is keeping them from the streets. This is not political hyperbole. This is true.

Follow the money. Who is funding the Republicans their operatives their machine. They want to keep tax cuts for 2 percent of American’s of that 2 percent, 80 percent are millionaires. This is who the Republican Party fights for. Their economic policies do not work for 99 percent of Americans. We already tried them and what happened? The super wealthy became wealthier. And thanks to a Republican led Supreme Court now the super wealthy are using that wealth to run candidates, run ads, and create a tea party to fight for them. Republican’s Pledge To America: tell me how my ass taste.