Although the Cayman Islands have no electoral votes and no polls to our knowledge have actually been conducted we believe that Mitt Romney probably leads among those who have Cayman Island and or secret Swiss or off shore bank accounts to avoid paying U.S. taxes. Its days before the election many states have early voting and yet Mitt Romney if he won would be the first recent President who had not turned over extended tax returns. The logic is Romney may be hiding something or else he would have turned them over months ago during the Republican primaries.

What would the tax returns show? Some have suggested that Romney failed to pay taxes on his foreign bank accounts see Washington post article which may be a felony. Not paying your taxes is a big deal to millions of Americans who do pay there taxes. So ironic that Mitt Romney dislikes 47% of Americans who actually pay more in taxes than he does. Romney’s taxes is the only issue in this election that he has not flipped flopped on. Even Romney’s wife has been strangely adamant about not releasing the last 10 years, stating that “you people” will get no more.

Politically not releasing taxes is a trust issue. Many people including some of his own Republicans do not trust Mitt Romney see Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum nor do they like Romney. If Santorum had Romney’s money he would be the nominee. Some Republicans intend to vote for him just to be anti-Obama. American’s should not vote for a candidate they don’t trust just because they don’t like the President. At least you know the President – where you agree and where you may disagree.

Though he will not release extended tax returns Romney does plan for a tax cut for the wealthy 1 percent. This does not make allot of sense to the other 99 percent of Americans but it does make sense to Romney whose job just like at Bain capital is to make money for his investors. Romney’s investors are those unnamed billionaires giving hundreds of millions to his campaign. And if Mitt wins he’ll return the favor with the gift of the United States Treasury. And the remaining 99 percent middle class and working class Americans will be looking at the George W. Bush version of trickle down-destroy the economy as the good old days.