Romney Plans Tax Cuts for Rich Kids of Instagram
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Romney Plans Tax Cuts for Rich Kids of Instagram

The basic simple truth is that Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney has no different economic policy than that of George W. Bush. His economic plan is the exact same that caused the great recession. That caused the huge unemployment and caused the debt. The great majority of the U.S deficit was caused by the Bush Tax Cuts of 2001. Bill Clinton left office with a surplus. Eight years of Bush created a record deficit. President Obama had to spend to generate economic activity when no one was spending. If people and corporations stop spending money economic activity stops. When that happens you have a recession. Mitt Romney has no other economic plan.

Mitt Romney and Republican's only idea is to give more money to wealthy people and let them throw crumbs at the poor. Cut government programs that help seniors, students and help the poor. The Ryan Budget passed by the Republican controlled House of Representatives guts social security and medicare. This is a fact. It was even criticized by Newt Gingrich as being draconian.

Like it or not most economist believed that President Obama's stimulus plan saved the economy from a depression. Republicans hate it but still asked for money for their district including Paul Ryan. Only a President that cares about all the American people should be elected and that's President Obama. Romney would only bankrupt the U.S by transferring wealth to rich kids to spend on pool parties and expensive champagne in St. Tropez and of course the Cayman Islands.

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