Rick Santorum The Frontrunner
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Rick Santorum The Frontrunner

Rick Santorum has the most Republican primary wins but not the most delegates. Just when you thought the drama of the GOP primary race was over. Rick Santorum emerges as the winner of three primaries in one night. Rick Santorum winning in Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri has to be viewed as a set back not only the Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney but to also Newt Gingrich who many thought was the true challenge to Mitt Romney's run to the Republican nomination.

Rick Santorum represents the cultural conservative wing of the Republican Party which may explain his slow rise. As issues such as Gay marriage and the recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Proposition 8 (Prop 8) in California, or women having health coverage for birth control who work for religious organizations, gain national attention, this helps separate Santorum because he talks about these issues more than the other candidates.

Whether Rick Santorum can maintain this momentum remains to be seen. But if Newt slips up and has a Newt moment or if Mitt Romney continues to fail to connect with conservatives particularly in the south, Santorum could continue to win primaries. Which would undoubtedly be a political shocker.


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