RebelDTA's Socalist Is Awesomeness
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RebelDTA's Socalist Is Awesomeness

RebelDTA's just released Electronic album can be described as an eclectic gem. The producer/beat maker blends grooving electronica and international beats with provocative hip hop sounds.

Socalist is less political than RebelDTA's overtly political 2007 EP How Did Our Oil Get Under Their Sand? which spawned "The Love" featuring classic Bushisms over hip hop beats and "Desert Sunrise." Though the album begins as Our Oil began with Bush opining on dictatorships and OBGYN's the similarities end there. The second track India de Palms ignites Socalist with edgy drums haunting vocals and enigmatic strings. Socalist pays homage to the underground art and electronic music scene of Los Angeles hence the name SoCalist.

The third track and one of our favorites is the creative Some Chicken which uses sound bytes from Winston Churchill repeatedly until it gets in your head: some chicken/some neck. Its a little eclectic for U.S audiences but British, European, Australian and Japanese markets may eat it up.

The title track Socalist and the track DragonFly West are great downtempo pieces. The vibe of these tracks remind you of Thievery Corporation. One can imagine these songs being played in the coolest of the coolest lounges in DC, Los Angeles, New York, London,, Paris and Tel Aviv.

The tracks Earthquake Nights, Rivers (which features the great Langston Hughes), Last Flight, and Home?, changes the mood of Socalist. The beats are a little heavier, a little darker and slightly impatient. This mood shift culminates in the dark but hopeful 6 minute plus final track 1221 Venice.

Electronic and downtempo music fans and particular fans of Moby, M.I.A., LCD Soundsystem, Massive Attack, Basement Jaxx, The Prodigy, Thievery, and Owl City should check out RebelDTA's Socalist. Its that good.

RebelDTA's Socalist on iTunes


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