This years rendition of 10 silly and satirical Halloween costume ideas for those who intend to partake. Given that this year Halloween falls on the weekend there will likely be large trick or treaters and party goers out and about.

10. Angry town hall guy. Dress normally but at your Halloween party yell incomprehensible non-sequitur things at other party goers about how they are taking away your right to party.

9. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. The hair is money. Could be an easy homemade costume throw a suit on and a wig of some sort.

8. Vampire is sure to be popular given the Twilight New Moon era. Its only a good choice if you are in a rush and you can not come up with anything else.

7. Halloween cupcake. Everyone loves them but a costume where one is a cupcake is sure to be a surprise to co-workers.

6. Alien. Not an illegal alien. An outer space alien is good enough.

5. For the ladies, a pin up girl, sexy nurse or librarian or any of the type as long as its not too trashy.

4. For the guys, a nerd, gladiator or Teabagger as long as its not too trashy. You decide.

3. Dancing with the stars costume is a good idea for the couple. You can show of your moves at the Halloween party.

2. Although we think its way too soon for Michael Jackson costumes, its likely to be popular given his untimely passing, the release of his movie This Is It and because of Thriller itself.

1. Your Facebook page. A great homemade costume. Simply attach poster paper to yourself making it your “wall”. Attach various photos for your profile. Bring a marker or pen. Allow people to post on your wall and allow people to suggest products that you may need based on what people wrote on your wall.