10. The McSame costume Half as John McCain Half as Bush
9. The First Dude as Joe the Plumber
8. A VCR
7. Kim Jong Il. Alive or not that jump suit is money.
6. A creative Sarah Palin, not a mean one or the expected hot Sarah Palin costumes. How about a Palin with Putin costume for the couple or Palin Hillary costume for the couple. A Britney Spears Sarah Palin mash up would work too.
5. One could be Obama, but you need a mask, any sort of blackface makeup is still offensive, probably for another 50 years or so, but then it will be fine.
4. Windows Vista. Not sure how but just be sort of slow and sluggish and not really play well with others at the party.
3. Wikipedia. Perhaps one could tape sort of truths to themselves and have anyone be able to edit them.
2. A Co-worker or your boss. As long as its not offensive. You are in the workplace.
And our favorite creatie Halloween costume idea…
1. A text message