Here we have a list of more great Halloween Costume Ideas as a last minute follow up on our list of favorites. Be creative or simple, the point is to be comfortable and have a good time, whether at the office party or the Halloween party this weekend. Remember at the office party or a party where people from the office will be there don’t drink too much. Nothing good can come from it. More costume ideas from popular culture politics and old classics:

10. Jersey Shore. A group of friends could get together and be the cast of the famous crew from Jersey that put MTV back on the map.

9. Kanye West. Grab some outlandish shades, throw on a bow tie, a sweater vest and some attitude and be one of the kings of hip hop on Halloween. Hey we love Kanye and his free music Fridays.

8. Lindsay Lohan. The troubled starlet can make a great Halloween costume if you can pull off the look.

7. Iron Man. May be a popular costume given the success of the movie franchise. But someone has to do it might as well be you.

6. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. For one night be the President of Iran. Throw on a suit thats a little too big with no tie and a fake beard if you don’t have one.

5. Glenn Beck. Throw on a goofy suit. Hawk some gold. Know all your conspiracy theories and be able to cry on demand. If you can do that you can be Glenn Beck for Halloween.

4. A Kardashian. The stars of the reality show/sitcom Keeping up with the Kardashians are like it or not part of the pop culture so be your favorite character or dress up as a family.

3. Chef. With all the cooking shows on TV especially cupcakes and cakes why not be a chef or a pastry chef for Halloween. All you need is chef hat and chef coat and uniform and you’re good.

2. Vampire. Vampires are a classic and remain popular thanks to the Twilight series and the HBO series True Blood.

1. Shake weight. Saturday Night Live did a great parody of the shake weight commercial. This could be an easy homemade Halloween costume. All you need is a weight that you can carry around and some work out gear. If people are wondering what you are just shake the weight toward your body or toward the people and smile.