The tumultuous Presidency of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez came to a head when the people of Venezuela again voted to keep President Chavez in office over the recall opposition led by right wing elites. Chavez has been a thorn in the side of the right wing government of the United States and has thus drawn widespread support amongst social justice activists, including Jesse Jackson, Howard Zinn and Dennis Kucinich, primarily because he uses Venezuela’s oil wealth to guess what…take care of the poor people in Venezuela. What if other leaders decided to take care of their poor? This notion goes against every IMF World Bank, liberal economic theorists belief on how economics should work. Though those economists have never seen or experience poverty.

In the eyes of his critics the problem with Chavez is that he is not playing ball. He has the audacity to claim that he wants to use the oil revenues to help the overwhelming poor who by the way happens to be black, he invests the money into education and job training and health care.

Chavez himself proudly claims to be the first non-white President, he is more black and Indian than white of Venezuela and allot of his opposition seems to stem from this fact. Venezuela since its independence, like many South American countries, have been ruled by a very small elite whiter class while the masses suffer through horrible poverty.

It has been widely reported that the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), group funded by the U.S. Congress, financed radical opposition leaders in Venezuela. Some of the individuals funded by the NED participated in the April 2002 coup (reported then by Venezuela, not Saudi Arabia, has long been the USA’s largest supplier of foreign oil. Chavez has further pissed off the powers that be by proposing a Latin American style OPEC. By combining Venezuela’s huge state-owned oil company with Ecuador’s, Brazil’s and Trinadad’s. “If Exxon and Mobil can combine, and Texaco and Phillips, why not PetroBrasil and PdVSA?” Chavez stated, referring to the Brazilian and Venezuelan government operators.

Yup Venezuela must be a black state because the white elites in Venezuela and U.S. corporate sponsors are trying to punk Venezuela and we all have seen this game before it is not new. It has been going on for the past 500 years of since those who descended from Europe decided they were superior to those who had more color…and the saga continues.