Barack Obama is the best candidate, best qualified, best ready to lead America at this time. Therefore, we support Barack Obama for President and encourage all Americans to vote for Barack Obama for President of the United States. His steady even nature is exactly what America needs in a time of severe economic crises at home and with two wars abroad. He is not a reactionary. He’s even tempered. He does not get rattled.

On the economy he has the best economic plan to get the American economy back to being the best in the world. His economic plan mirrors the Clinton economic plans of the nineties which created millions of jobs and raised the standard of living for millions of Americans. McCain’s economic plan mirrors Bush’s economic plan more tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans a reverse, perverse form of socialism. More unemployment more recession. Where the people at the top financially get bailed out but not the middle class and working Americans.

On national security, Obama has the best plan for maintaining strength in the middle east and drawing down our over extended troops in Iraq. His plan includes having the Iraqi government step up and help pay for their reconstruction instead of putting the burden entirely on American tax payers. Studies now conclude, that the Iraq War should have never been started, they never had weapons of mass destruction and that the Bush administration had every intention of invading Iraq weapons or no weapons, McCain supported their position Obama was against it. Obama was right. Obama’s plan for strengthening the force in Afghanistan going after the real perpetrators of 9/11 is the right strategy for winning the war on terror.

These are some of the many reasons to vote for Obama.

This has been a nasty campaign, those on the right have accused Senator Obama of the most absurd lies using robocalls, DVDs, to email chains. Here is the truth Senator Obama is a Christian. Born in America. He is a citizen. But to some on the right facts and the truth simply do not matter. It’s shocking actually. The far right wing and their radio personalities and Fox News “journalists” from Hannity to Limbaugh have vilified Obama the likes of which have not been seen since well their war on Bill Clinton (who they too accused of some pretty ridiculous lies). They do not question John McCain’s ties or Sarah Palin’s ties to questionable groups. If there are voters who want to vote for Senator Obama but are reluctant because of his race, vote for him anyway. If it makes it easier, think of Obama as the Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods of politics. He is the best candidate, skin pigmentation has nothing to do with it.

A cautionary note here on election fraud and republican attempts to suppress turnout or not count votes. Americans will not tolerate another stolen election. In terms of electronic voting there has already been machine malfunctions in West Virginia, where votes for Obama are flipped to McCain or not counted at all. If it is not a coordinated plan, why has there not been a single problem when a person votes McCain. Why is there always a problem with votes flipping or not counting when voting for Obama or the democrat. No one has given an explanation for this. As was the case with Kerry in 2004, where there was not a single case of votes flipping from Bush to Kerry. Statistically, absent fraud, it is not possible. If there is a problem with a machine it should affect both candidates but it doesn’t. It always affect one candidate the democrat. It does not make sense. Why in 2004 were there more votes for Bush than there were voters in some counties. Will the same happen on November the 4th? We hope not, perhaps the support for Obama will be so overwhelming that attempts at theft will be exposed and thwarted.

The right wing often refer to Senator Obama as the most liberal senator. Really? More liberal than Bernie Sanders or Russ Feingold or Barbara Boxer? Didn’t they call John Kerry the most liberal Senator last time? The right wing of the Republican party fueled by hate radio and Fox news has called a United States Senator from one of the largest states in the union, un-American, a Muslim, a socialist, a Marxist, and that he associates with terrorists. But on the day after the election, the morning of November 5th, 2008, with the help of all Americans who are tired of the smears and lies and divisions, they will call him President-elect Obama.