Trayvon Martin, 17 years old a young black male on the way back home from the store during the NBA all star game, in his own neighborhood when he was followed, questioned and summarily killed by a George Zimmerman a white male claiming to be the neighborhood patrol. George Zimmerman according to media reports pursued Trayvon despite being told by the police not to. He ignored police orders and murdered a kid. Yet almost a month since the crime. Zimmerman remains a free man. No arrest. Inexplicably, no charges were deemed necessary to file by the Sanford Florida police. Really? Is pre-meditated muder no longer a crime in that town or is it not a crime to murder a black male. Does anyone really doubt that if the races were reversed, that the black male would be charged with murdering a white teen.

A maxim from the Supreme Court decision in Dred Scott still stands, that the black man has no rights that are bound to be respected by the white man. The United States has a long history of what can only be described as a state of war against black people. From slavery to segregation from lynchings to crack. Shockingly, right now George Zimmerman remains a free man. Similarly, a white transit cop murders an unarmed young black male, Oscar Grant, in Oakland and gets a slap on the wrist and is free today. Who knows while people marched maybe George Zimmerman went to the beach. How would the state of Israel handle such a transgression against her people?

This case is not about standing your ground. It is a case about chasing a young man down and shooting him because he looked suspicious. And the only reason he looked suspicious was because of his race. It is murder. And it is a travesty to justice seeking Americans of all races and ethnicities.