It is clear that none of the leading remaining republican candidates are qualified to be President of the United States. Not one of them. Marco “meltdown” Rubio reminds one of a former boy band member all grown up or someone’s kid brother. He does extremely well with a script but has experience melting down under pressure. See meltdown Not a good sign when you have to negotiate with Putin. Cruz has the likability of a colonoscopy so far to the right of the country he has virtually no chance of being elected. Further, because he was actually born in Canada and only recently given up dual citizenship. It is questionable whether or not he can actually be President of the U.S. Donald Trump. The media darling Donald Trump whose previous political rise was leading the birther movement questioning President Obama’s citizenship. Trump is about as ill qualified and ill equipped of any Presidential candidate to win a primary in American history. He has thus far successfully blinded the mainstream media. His mastery of the press in this election season has been disturbing. The media throughout the debate season has played the role of a color commentary as if the presidency is a football game and not fact checker and bullshit debunker.

The media’s amusement with Donald Trump has fueled his rise. Trump has not spent much on political advertisements because he can say or do something ridiculous every week from ignorance of the KKK to fights with Fox News and using vulgar language from now to election day and drown out any other voices out there. At least Rubio now has the wherewithal to call Trump a con-artist. (see Trump University). He has certainly conned the media. His notion of building a wall on the southern border to keep out Mexicans and or other brown peoples is not political entertainment it is veiled racism. The media’s inaction in calling this out constitutes complicity. If he is miraculously elected he will certainly bankrupt the United States both financially and morally.

Cruz and Rubio and for that matter all the candidates are against raising the minimum wage which helps working families. All of them are in favor of taking away Obamacare which has helped millions of Americans gain health insurance for the first time. All have varying tax plans which lower taxes for wealthy Americans. You know the people that fund their campaigns.

The Republican Party has no new ideas. They are still the party of tax cuts for the wealthy…and tax cuts for the wealthy… and tax cuts for the wealthy… and the party of hey look over there that other guy that minority is taking what should be yours works every time.