On November 2, 2004 African Americans, must go to the polls and vote for the next President of the United States. It is not only imperative that we vote but that we vote for the right man to lead the United States. And because that choice is between George W. Bush and John Kerry, John Kerry is the clear choice over George W. Bush. Bush has done nothing to speak to the ills of the black community in urban and rural America. We must not only Vote or Die, to borrow from P. Diddy, we must vote for John Kerry or at least die trying because of the many Republican efforts to suppress the black vote. DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU IF YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE YOU CAN VOTE. DON’T LET THEM STOP YOU FROM VOTING!!!

It has been widely discussed how the state of Florida, led by Jeb Bush criminally purged African American voters from the voter rolls in 2000 helping give Bush the presidency. These racists through their Republican operatives have led efforts to do the same throughout the United States especially in the so-called swing states. From Nevada to Ohio, to Michigan to Florida again, there have been massive complaints of official misconduct on the part of Republican election officials, trying to prevent the registration of Democrats.

Republicans are trying to suppress the black vote

When African Americans turn out in large numbers in Presidential elections, the democrats usually win. Republicans know this and because this election appears to be as close as 2000, they need to prevent African Americans from voting if they are to have a prayer of winning, this is how they stole Florida and possibly Missouri in 2000.

A political party that is trying to prevent you from voting does not deserve your vote. The Republicans have tried to purge black people and democrats from voter rolls from Nevada, to Florida and Ohio. Mostly in the so-called swing states. This is not a scene from 1964 this is today in 2004. Bush is complicit because he has done nothing to stop this practice nor has he ordered the Justice Department to investigate these matters.

Consider the comments made by John Pappageorge, who is white and a Republican state legislator in Michigan, in a September N.Y Times article, “If we do not suppress the Detroit vote,” said Mr. Pappageorge, “we’re going to have a tough time in this election.”

However efforts are underway to fight the Republican machine. Such as the Election Protection Coalition, a group that was formed to identify and stamp out attempts to disenfranchise voters, especially in predominantly black and Latino precincts around the country. They set up the phone 1-866-OUR VOTE. On Election Day the coalition expects to have as many as 25,000 volunteers, including 5,000 lawyers, available to provide assistance to voters who encounter irregularities or feel they are not being treated fairly at the polls. Voters who call the hot line will immediately be put in touch with volunteers in their local area. The coalition is also urging people to call the hot line now if they are aware of efforts to discourage or prevent people from voting.

Bush’s has no record to run on

Bush has to criticize John Kerry’s ideas for moving America forward because he has none of his own. Americans saw head to head how John Kerry is better prepared to be commander in chief than the illegitimate occupant who currently resides at 1600 Penn. Consider Bush’s record, is this man who deserves re-election? 2.6 million jobs lost, and the ones being created now pay $10,000 less than those lost. Record highs for bankruptcies and home foreclosures 8.4 million unemployed 44 million Americans without health insurance America’s largest budget deficit ever – $475 billion

Many seniors facing huge Medicare premium hikes More Americans living in poverty under his watch…9/11 happened on his watch, while his terrorism chief could not get a meeting with him and while the CIA warned of a possible strike…He lied about the reasons for war in Iraq. And it’s a war crime to invade a nation without provocation. No wonder he is against the International Criminal Court.

Bush the Republicans and their operatives including the so-called swift boat veterans and the fascist racist Television network Sinclair Broadcast Group who wants to help President Bush by airing an anti-Kerry documentary two weeks before the election primarily in swing states, can only try to tarnish Kerry. Here’s an idea how about airing Fahrenheit 9/11or how about airing a documentary about Bush, a man who lived mostly a mediocre life, who was given handouts by his family and there friends in the Saudi Royal kingdom including the Binladin family, to start businesses. A man who claims to be born again but has been alleged to have done cocaine while at Camp David. A man who should not be making decisions about war and peace. A man who if he had a different last name would have felonious criminal record sufficient enough to be prevented from voting in Florida.

How can true conservatives love a man who has never vetoed a spending bill in a Congress controlled by Republicans? Tax-cut for the rich and spend Republicans have turned record surplus to a record deficit in only 3 and ½ years. It’s amazing. So we need to not only vote for Kerry we need to vote the Republicans out of Congress on election Day vote for the Democratic candidate in your local Congressional and Senate races and we can truly move this country in a better direction.

Here’s where John Kerry stands:

John Kerry has a plan to improve the economy that focuses on creating jobs that pay a livable wage and provide benefits. He will promote the education and job training that so many desperately need and end incentives for companies to send jobs overseas.

· John Kerry has a plan to make health insurance available to millions through tax credits, expansion of existing programs and the creation of buying-pools for small businesses. He will permit us to purchase drugs on the Internet and end the prohibition signed into law by Bush that forbids the federal government from negotiating lower drug prices.

John Kerry’s Justice Department will focus on real crimes, not limiting the medicinal use of marijuana for those with AIDS and cancer and otherwise interfering in the rights of states to enforce their own laws. He will limit the cyber-snooping and other infringements on our liberties of the Patriot Act and will enforce our nation’s equal rights laws.

John Kerry believes in an America that is inclusive, affirming and forward-looking and honors the diversity that makes our nation great. He will ensure that every American has a seat at the table, and that equal rights for all, mean equal rights for all.

John Kerry will remain focused on the true threats to our national security, hunting down terrorists wherever they are, but not taking us to war based on bad intelligence, deception and distortion. With Kerry as our president, our military, police and firefighters will have the training, equipment and resources they need to keep us safe at home and abroad.

John Kerry will tell America the truth, even when it’s unpleasant or hurts and will not deceive us for political purposes. He’s been there; he knows the cost of war. No parent will ever have to doubt his word when he looks them in the eye and says “I have to send your child into harm’s way to protect our nation.”

In the end

John Kerry is the better man to lead the United States. A war hero with a stellar record in the U.S. Senate of protecting civil rights and promoting fiscal responsibility. It is imperative that we as a people, all people, not accept anything less than a fair election. We will not accept another ‘Florida’. We will not accept a President who was already fraudulently elected to be fraudulently re-elected. We must be prepared to fight whether in the courts or in the streets because too much is at stake now. Too many lives are at stake, there are too many people who are in poverty or living paycheck to paycheck, that are being deployed to fight in a war they were lied too about, there are too many black children living in poverty, too many schools in black and rural America lacking the tools to be properly educated. And we are tired, tired of fighting the same battles with those who believed in or would justify slavery, lynching and segregation as cloaked in states rights. Those who want to role back privacy rights gained for women.

We demand a just and fair election! If the election is just and fair John Kerry will easily be elected the next President of the United States. If it is not a fair and just election then all bets are off as James Baldwin eloquently paraphrased, God Gave Noah the rainbow sign, No More Water, the fire next time!