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War Games

If President Obama thought his second term would be about budgets and jobs and the withdrawing from Afghanistan he was wrong. The enigmatic and hungry kingdom of North Korea is determined to be on his drone list. Their bolstering and threats have gone past the point of mere annoyance. In fact their threats to the mainland (despite experts claims that they are typical) are much more than Iraq ever did (and they did nothing of the sort) and should be taken seriously. What would the fallout be if they were not merely posturing? If their missiles could hit U.S. targets even in Asia the outcry from most Americans not just from the right would be deafening.

No one wants another war. Americans are war weary after over 10 years of conflict. This month we're marking the 10 year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. A war that did not need to be fought. A war that cost American lives and has nearly bankrupted the treasury. The UN Security Counsel, China, Russia South Korea, and the U.S. need to figure out a plan to deal with North Korea without resorting to war. Over 30,000 Americans died in the Korean war and hundreds of thousands of South and North Koreans died. History need not repeat itself. Yet at the same time there cannot be a country in the community of nations that exist on this planet that persistently threatens to annihilate other countries in the community. The answers are not easy. But this is the job.




Kate Upton

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