What can brown do for you? Apparently according to recent remarks by Barack Obama, brown can bomb the hell out of you. Obama’s recent comments about going after evil doers in Pakistan and expressing willingness to meet with those who our “enemies” does not illustrate political naiveté as the Clinton campaign suggest but truly a foreign policy that can be expressed different than the Bush-Cheney administration. Given that the Republican nominees all support to degrees George W’s policies and Hillary voted for the war and has not been completely clear on where she stands in the war on terror, Obama and to some extent John Edwards are the “mainstream” candidates who express a different direction. This is not to demean the positions of Dennis Kucinich whose progressive positions on many issues should be given more weight.

In the CNN/YouTube debate Hillary stated that she was a progressive, but it was Obama’s stance on foreign policy including stating that he would not use nuclear weapons that represents the true progressive position. How can we create a world where there is no nuclear proliferation when we can not practice what we preach? Right wingers and wanna be right wingers such as Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani tried to pounce on his position. Obama’s position is clear, how can we use nuclear weapons against a nation-less evil doers and telling Iran to not pursue the same. By the way Giuliani is really quick with his jabs against Hillary and particularly Obama as he continues to show love to people of color. However, he cannot quickly defend the increase in racism and racial profiling and constitutionally suspect policing by the NYPD, how the world trade center became the first steel structure in history to collapse due to fire, furthermore why world trade center seven fell at all or “was pulled.”

Although up in national polls and facing a tough battle in polls in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, the Clinton campaign is spinning and painting a picture in a karlrovian fashion that Obama is the candidate without experience, because he states that the U.S. should talk to its enemies, the way Reagan talked with the Soviets, Nixon talked with China and the Iraq Study Group suggests the Bush administration should talked to Iran and Syria. This mode of political artistry is quite similar to the story line that John Kerry was a flip flopper. In fact, this political campaign thus far has been about story lines. Is Hillary electable with so many Americans stating that they would not vote for her under any circumstances? Mitt Romney’s religion, who would vote for the guy from Law and Order, Giuliani, is well Giuliani and Obama, though raising more money than Clinton continues to trail Hillary in national polls. And oh yeah he’s a black man