The media’s attempt to draw a moral equivalency between a rapper’s use of the term “ho” and radio host Don Imus’ use of the terms “nappy headed ho” referring to the Rutgers women’s basketball team, is disingenuous. Similar to the media craze that followed Michael Richards use of the “N” word that sparked debate about African American’s use of the word (See “Kramer is A N Word Lover”), the mainstream media’s coverage fails to get to the point. It’s shocking that with segregation roughly 40 years behind us, white America’ s indifference to history and failure to understand its relevance and repercussions today can completely distort any national conversation on race. Directing it toward fabricated issues that distract people rather then raise awareness and lead to fundamental change. James Baldwin discussed this point in numerous essays.

Let’s be clear. Again. When a white person refers to a group of collegiate black women as “nappy headed ho’s” it is a racist remark. Why? Because he would not refer to a group of white women similarly situated as “nappy headed ho’s”.

When hip-hop artist refer to women, particularly black women as ho’s and bitches, it is indeed offensive and demeaning. It is also a form of self-hatred born out of a racist social-political and economic system that teaches people of African descent to not only devalue each other but to devalue their women. This analysis is not new, Malcolm spoke of this symptom of a racist society, Franz Fanon discussed this phenomenon in Black Skin White Masks, as did Toni Morrison’s in The Bluest Eye.

There is no double standard, no moral inequity and no political correctness gone amuck. The reaction by some in the media and those who pose as commentary is extremely telling on how far this country has to go to heal generations of racism.

Ok now back to Iraq? No back to Britney, Lindsey and Michael has been really quiet…