We must get off of our tails get off our high horses our self righteousness our boredom our cynicism our disbelief and Vote. Those who are unemployed, underemployed and scared that they may join the ranks of the unemployed must vote. Vote and support the Democratic candidates. Why? Because at a minimum it is the Democrats who have supported giving a lifeline such as unemployment benefits and health care to those who are suffering in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Republicans have no plan to help the unemployed and underemployed. None. Zero.

This breed of Republicans have not supported the average American. They support billionaires and big corporations who give them money, so that they will continue to create their policies that allow them to ship jobs and the middle class overseas. They have not voted to support those who are unemployed at all. In fact they blame the unemployed for losing their jobs. If you look at any Republican talking point. They have no response to the fact that they support sending American jobs overseas because it cuts costs for their corporate benefactors who get richer, while the employees that do remain get poorer. This is the Republican economic doctrine that almost destroyed the U.S. economy over the past eight years. They have no new ideas except for the old ideas. Meanwhile the plans implemented by President Obama and Democrats in Congress are starting to bear fruit albeit slowly. Unemployment claims are slowly dropping and the economy is growing at a faster rate.

Giving Republicans control of Congress means attempts to privatize social security, ending unemployment benefits for those who can not find work, and giving health insurance companies back the power to kick sick people off insurance even when they have paid their premiums. This is the America Republicans seek. A more divided America. More haves versus have not. And if you point out that their policies are divisive they say that you are playing class warfare.

On Tuesday November 2nd we must vote and support the Democratic candidates on the ballot. The Republican/Tea Party brand represent the worst of us not the best. This is not the Republican Party of Bob Dole or Ronald Reagan who may not be welcomed in this Republican Party because he was willing to negotiate with the Democrats. The Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell has already stated the primary goal of a Republican Congress for the next two years is to make sure President Obama is a one term President. This is the entire policy of the Republican Party. With all that the country is facing. This is their belief. A belief that has not changed since it was announced by Rush Limbaugh early in the President’s administration, that the goal of the Republican party was for President Obama to fail. So every roadblock every filibuster, ever no vote by the Republicans was not because of the deficit or spending, which the Republican party created under President Bush, but for one reason only they want the President and thus the country to fail. Who can vote for a party who wants the country to fail. This is to not even mention the Republican Tea Party members and candidates who are not only against Obama because of his policies but against him solely for the color of his skin, question his place of birth, or question his Christianity. These Republicans do not deserve the support of the American people. Republicans such as Republican/Tea Party Senate candidate Sharon Angle has run one of the most racist campaigns against Latinos in modern American history without much of a peep or condemnation from the Republican leadership. In a state like Nevada with high unemployment, Angle is shockingly against helping the people in her state who are unemployed.

On Tuesday November 2nd vote for the party that cares about your interest, about your job, about your family getting to the middle class and holding on to the middle class dream, and not the party who supports big corporate, big oil, big health insurance companies who was responsible for the economic crises. Don’t send back to Congress these George W. Bush Republicans. Wake up. The Republican economic agenda does not differ at all from George W. Bush.

We must keep the economy moving forward and continue to support those who are looking for work in these tough economic times. On Tuesday November 2nd election day 2010 we must vote for the Democrat in this election. Lets give the Democrats and President Obama more time to dig us out. Democrats prove the pundits wrong. Vote.