Tacked, (takt) v. past participle, (also: tact, taxed), Drunk or high. “That boy who never comes to class is always tacked.” [Etym., drug sub-culture]

Thang, (thang) n., A thing. Attractive item. “There are all kinds of thangs I want for Christmas.” [Etym., African American]

Tight, (tite) adj., Good, cool, striking, appealing, trendy, great, amazing. “Your calculator is so tight.” “My new year’s eve was tight.” Also, interj., great, wonderful. “We’re going to the store. Tight!” Also: tighty whities, jockey underwear. [Etym., Hip hop]

To’ (toe) n., Also: to’ up. From, torn up. Disheveled, messed up, dirty, in disarray or disorder. “That guy was to’.” Used in: To’ up from the flo’ up (“Torn up from the floor up.)” and To’ back (meaning “messed up.”) [Etym., African American]

Toot, (toot) n., Prostitute. “Sometimes you act like such a toot.” [Etym., African American]

Trillin’, (TRIL-in) adj., Relaxing or chillin’ with friends, sometimes while intoxicated. A combination to trippin’ and chillin’. “My friends and I were just trillin’ last night.” [Etym., 90’s youth]

Tuch, (tuch) v., to express anger, condemnation. “Tuch you, man.” [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Tweaker, (TWEE-kur) n., An unusual person, someone who acts weird, someone who worries extensively. A drug addict. “Look at all those tweakers kickin’ it in the park!” Also, verb, to worry too much. “Stop tweakin’, mom, I can bring the grade up by the semester reports.” [Etym., Hip hop]

Twenty-four-seven, 24/7, adv., all the time, constantly “My friend and I talk on the phone 24/7.” [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Twomp (twamp) n., twenty, also twenty dollars, often referring to a quantity of marijuana. “Can I borrow a twomp?” “I got me a twomp sack.” [Etym., hip hop]

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