Wack (wak) adj., Bad, negative, messed up, terrible. “That new CD from Brittany Spears is wack.” Superlative wickity-wack. “That one from Christina Aguilera is wickity-wack. [Etym., African American]

Wannabe (WAN-a-bee) n., adj., Someone who “wants to be” something he/she isn’t, such as an athlete, a strong person, a leader. “That Eddie is such a wannabe.” “Yeah, he’s a wannabe rock star.” [Etym., African American]

Wazzup, (waz-ZUP) interj., what’s up? What’s happening? How are you doing? Var: wazzupers? “Hello? Oh, hi, partna, wazzup?” [Etym., 90’s youth]

Whoady (WHOE-dee) n., Friend, family. “He’s been my whoady for three years.” [Etym., New Orleans]

Womp, (wahmp) v., to be negative, sometimes to smell bad. “This sucks, this really womps.” [Etym., Berkeley High]

Word, (werd) interjection, An exclamation of agreement, affirmation. Also: Word up. “That’s the best jump shot I’ve ever seen!” “Word!” [Etym., African American, church, 1960’s]

Yoink, (yoink), exclaim. An exclamation used while stealing something quickly. “I think I like your cat … yoink!” [Etym., The Simpsons, 1990]




Zuke, (zook) n., A man dressed in Latin style, very stylishly and carefully dressed. A Chicano/Latino male. “Man, that guy was a real zuke.” [Etym., Chicano/Spanish]

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