Hater, (HAY-tur) adj., A racist or someone who is against a class or group of people, someone guilty of stereotyping. “I can’t stand all those playa haters.” Also: hatin’ (v., hating). [Etym., African American]

Hatnin’, (HAT-nin) v., present participle. Happening, going on. “Hey, blood, what’s hatnin’.” [Etym., African American]

Heat, (heet) n., The police. Also: a weapon. “When the heat rolls up, you have to fade.” “He’s bringing the heat.” [Etym., African American]

Heazy (HEE-zee) n., hook, in phrase, “off the heazy.” It means something that is “off the hook,” is very good. See: Fo’ sheazy. [Etym., African American]

Hecka (HEK-ah) adv., Very, extremely. Grammar school variation of “hella.” “That’s a hecka fresh ride!” Also: hecksa. (Variation: Heck-city. “That’s heck-city good!”) [Etym., Berkeley]

Hella (HEL-ah) adv., Very, extremely, in large quantity. “There’s hella candy in the cabinet.” “That girl is hella fine.” “That jacket is hella clean.” (Also: helluv) [Etym., combination of “hell” and “of,” Berkeley]

Hit, (hit) v., To have sexual relations. “Hey, let’s hit it.” Also, how much something costs. “Those shoes hit me about 180 bucks” Also: Hit that shit, to do something no one else will do, e.g., pull your pants down in a basketball game. “Hit that shit, blood!” [Etym., African American]

Homie (HO-mee) n., friend, pal, someone from the same home or neighborhood. “How ya doin’, homie?” (variation: Homes, home slice, home skillet.) [Etym., African American]

Hoochie, (HOO-chee) n., (adj., hoochie, hoochified). A young woman who dresses in tight clothing and wears large amounts of make-up. “She’s trying to really look like a hoochie.” As an adjective, can mean slutty, tacky. “That shirt is so hoochie.” [Etym., First used in “Hoochie mama” from 2 Live Crew, hip hop] Usage note: Many people feel that hoochie has transcended its negative connotation and that it is also racist to identify all women who dress a certain way as a hoochie in the negative sense as this applies to many Chicano/Latino and African American female styles. They also argue that hoochie can be a state of mind, a personal statement of working class identity, or a choice of friends.

Hood rat, (hood rat) n., Literally a person who sits on the hood of the car. A young woman who dresses in teased and hair-sprayed hair, black leather, tight clothes. See hoochie. [Etym., Hip hop]

Hooptie, (HOOP-tee) n., Old, wrecked automobile. “Let’s go for a ride in my hooptie.” [Etym., 70’s youth]

Hooride (HU-ried) v., (also: hoorider, hoorode, hoorided), to put down, destroy, ridicule. “Let’s go hooride the party.” “You’ve been hoorode.” [Etym., African American]

Hot, (hot) adj., Stolen, as in merchandise. “That CD player is hot, bro’.” [Etym., American, 1950’s]

Hottie, (HOT-ee) n., A young woman or man who is very attractive. “That one is a hottie.” [Etym., hip hop]

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