Al Sharpton is the man who gets the most applauds at the Democratic primary showdowns yet he is not getting any respect from the mainstream media. His Presidential campaign has raised only about a $140,000 and yet he according to a recent Zogby poll he is polling in second place in the South Carolina primary. In a recent interview to the Associated Press, Sharpton stated, “I think when you look at the lack of diversity in the newsrooms, when you look at the lack of diversity from the editors and those in power, then you see them as automatically dismissive of anything that is not like them, which is white males…I think we’ve seen some very blatant racial insensitivity in the coverage of this race so far”

In responding to the Media’s anointing of former Vermont Governor Howard Dean as the frontrunner, “When I come to Iowa, they ask how can Sharpton get the white vote,” said Sharpton. “I’ve run in New York and gotten more white votes in my races than he’s gotten black votes in Vermont? Why aren’t we talking about that?” he stated.

Sharpton does have a point all though he has not raised as much money as the other contenders in national democratic polls he continues to poll at or about as other lesser known candidates such as Dennis Kucinich and Bob Graham. And Sharpton’s appearances on Tim Russert’s Meet The Press have resulted in Sharpton not getting a chance to talk about the issues but about Sharpton defending his some of his pass personal behavior. Russert on Meet The Press can ask Sharpton about his past but is afraid to ask Vice-President Chaney about his former corporation’s dealings in Iraq, and his energy task force meeting notes (which probably reveal plans to attack Iraq as early as in 2001) and phony reasons for entering the war in Iraq. But we digress keep on fighting Al, the people hear you.